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August 24, 2016

Welcome to Moderatobot - automatic websites moderator...
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SEO audit of websites

Test your Robots.txt file

User-agent: *
Disallow: /bin/
Disallow: /Images/
Disallow: /ErrForm.aspx
Disallow: /ErrLoginForm.aspx
Disallow: /ErrorForm404.aspx
Disallow: /Global.asax

To be continued: analysis of Sitemap.xml file

The next step on which we are working now is to analyze sitemap.xml files.
The analysis will include:

  • Analyze both Sitemap and Sitemap index file types;
  • Check the existence and availability of sitemap.xml file;
  • Validate the structure of Sitemap based on XML schemas;
  • Validate the size of the file;
  • Analyze tags and values of the sitemap.xml;
  • Check cross-submits over Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files;
  • Check whether Sitemap's URLs being disallowed in the Robots.txt file;
  • Etc...

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